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Capoeira Angola is focused on playing a game that contains kicks, escapes, music, dance, and acrobatics. Two angoleiros (players) enter the roda (ring) and embark into a game that expresses themselves while trying to one-up their adversary. They are driven by the berimbau, a single-string instrument, and the bataria (band) it leads. Songs are traded amongst the observers, giving praise, commenting on the game, or even requesting specific interactions from the angoleiros, such as "to play beautifully" or to "make them fall."

This tradition builds self-confidence as you learn the ability to negotiate, be cunning, and express yourself in front of your peers and adversaries.

Vadiacao de Oxossi complements the Capoeira Angola tradition with wilderness skills. While Capoeira Angola provides a framework for navigating our day to day lives, we mostly utilize that knowledge in the city and urban areas. The luxuries that our cities have allow us to ignore the simple, useful, and abundant natural resources around us. Vadiacao de Oxossi wants to explore and keep the wildnerness skills alive.

Instructor Cachoeira

While searching for a new outlet for life, Cachoeira (Tyler Fife) found Capoeira Angola from a PCC class in 2006. He was introduced to the basics and found a calling between the fluid movements and driving rhythms. By luck, this class lead to an easy transition to Mestre Perere's group in 2007, when Perere moved to Portland. Perere provided the details and philosophies the art was based upon while preparing his students for the "home-land," Bahia. After five years together and a one capoeira-filled-trip to Salvador da Bahia, Brasil under his belt, Cachoeira started teaching classes in Summer of 2012 in hopes of building a strong capoeira angola community in Portland, OR.

Mestre Perere

Perere (Eric Johnson) started Capoeira Angola in 1989 with the Aluja Capoeira Group, led Mestre Elisio Pita in Seattle, WA. After 6 years of study, he graduated to Instructor in 1995 and found his way to Salvador da Bahia, Brasil multiple times. In 1998 he was accepted as a student of Mestre No (Norival Moreira de Oliveira), the founder of the worldwide group Capoeira Angola Palmares. Initiated into the group as an Instructor, he demonstrated the necessary knowledge to be quickly graduated to Contra Mestre in 2000. Perere passed this knowledge to the various groups he led around the country in places such as Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Omaha, NE; Iowa City, IO; and Peoria, IL. In 2011, Perere started the group Vadiacao de Oxossi to complement the Capoeira Angola tradition with more bushcraft skills to develop a balanced and flexible outlook on life. From trapping in the roda to trapping in the wilderness, to utilizing bows for archery or music (berimbau), the group tries to utilize knowledge that is quickly being ignored in the information age such that we don't have to rely on the "easy button" society tries to give us everyday. We can be nearly self-sufficient just by utilizing the resources around us.


Mestre Perere, Instructor Cachoeira, i Madeireiro

Port Townsend, WA 2012

Instructor Cachoeira

Port Townsend, WA 2013


Mestre Perere

Omaha, NE Intensive 2013

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